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terra // form

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Published by Intersectional Environmentalist (2022)


dear girl, have you eaten

enough today?

don’t you know

there are starved nations in you,

rivers run dry, war zones,

forests, burnt and broken?

what crumbles will you accept

and call yourself full?

dear girl, dear

ocean, you have turned

to acid, swarming

with ghost armies of

jellyfish, gelatin, jell-O -

you’d suck on a lemon and

let the corals inside you

bleach themselves white.

in their excavation they have

gutted your mountains concave,

torn you apart with drills and

explosions, carved you open,

a quarry of meat and bones,

digging to unearth the fossil of

what you used to be.

dear girl, dear garden, what if you grew

as if you would not be harvested?

earthen creature, remember you are rooted -


Turn towards that speckled sunlight

as if it was what you were made for.

as if you were already enough.

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